Hino 700 Series FS2844 Manual Air

Hino 700 Series Hino 700 Series

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  • GVM: 28,300kg
    GCM: 55,000kg
    Power: 321kW
    Torque: 2059Nm
    Transmission: ZF AS TRONIC
    Wheelbase: 4305mm
    Nominal Body Length: 6090mm
  • Model: Hino E13C WB
    Max. output (ISO NET) @ 1800 RPM: 321kW (437 HP)
    Max. output (JIS GROSS) @ 1800 RPM: 329kW (447 HP)
    Max. torque (ISO NET) @ 1100 RPM: 2059Nm (210 kgf/m)
    Max. torque (JIS GROSS) @ 1100 RPM: 2099Nm (214 kgf/m)
    Max. engine speed: 1900rpm
    Engine compliance: ADR 80/03
    Type: Diesel, turbo charged & inter-cooled, 6 cylinder in-line, overhead camshaft
    Combustion system: Direct injection type with Cooled-EGR
    Bore & stroke: 137 x 146mm
    95 x 70mm
    Piston displacement: 12.913L
    Compression ratio: 17.0:1
    Engine oil capacity: 37.0L
    Engine coolant capacity: 27.4L
    Fuel injection pump: Electronic control common rail
    Governor: Electric
    Air cleaner: Dual paper elements
    Air compressor: Single cylinder, water cooled
    Exhaust: Horizontal outlet
    Emission Control System: EGR & SCR meeting ADR 80/03 using Euro 5 STD
  • Model: Hino CR-380
    Type: Dry twin plate with damper springs
    Control: Hydraulic with air booster
    Facing material: Ceramic
    Facing diameter: 387 mm
  • Make & Model: Eaton RTLO Road Ranger
    Code: RTLO 18918B
    Type: 18 forward & 4 reverse
    Control: Mechanical
    Gear Ratios: Manual
    Gear Position: 1st. . . 14.402
    2nd. . . 12.287
    3rd. . . 8.561
    4th. . . 7.303
    5th. . . 6.048
    6th. . . 5.160
    7th. . . 4.384
    8th. . . 3.740
    9th. . . 3.201
    10th. . . 2.731
    11th. . . 2.288
    12th. . . 1.952
    13th. . . 1.617
    14th. . . 1.379
    15th. . . 1.172
    16th. . . 1.000
    17th. . . 0.855
    18th. . . 0.730
    Rev 1. . 15.057
    Rev 2. . 12.845
    Rev 3. . 4.025
    Rev 4. . 3.434
  • Front Axle Model: MF 781 series
    Type: Reverse Elliot I-Beam
    Axle Limit (including suspension): 7500 kg
    Tyre Limit: 7100 kg
  • Rear Axle Model: THD 18 Tandem Axle
    Type: Bogie drive with inter-axle differential lock, fully
    floating single reduction by Hypoid gears
    Rear Rear Cross Lock: Fitted
    Axle Limit (including suspension): 21,800 kg
    Tyre Limit: 23,200 kg
  • Suspension: Semi-elliptic taper leaf springs with shock absorbers & stabiliser
    Spring Dimensions: 1700 x 90mm
    Number of Leafs: 4
    Spring Rate: 49.9 kgf/mm
  • Models: HAS Air Rear
    Suspension: Hendrickson HAS 460 airbag with double acting shock absorbers
    Spring Dimensions: Road Friendly Suspension Rating N/o RF2005
  • Type: Full air, dual circuit, “S” cam type, leading & trailing shoes for front & rear with auto slack adjuster
    Size Front: 406.4 x 152mm
    Size Rear: 406.4 x 216mm
    Air drier: Equipped
    Anti-lock Brake System (ABS): Equipped
    Trailer brake control: Hand control on dash
    Park brake: Spring brake acting on 1st and 2nd axles
    Engine brake: Engine compression brake equipped
    Transmission brake: ZF Intarder (AMT models only)
  • Steering column: Telescopic & tilt with locking device
    Steering box: Recirculating ball with Integral Power Steering
    Gear ratio: 25.2:1
    Steering angle: Inside 49° Outside 35°
  • Wheel type: 10 stud disc wheels (ISO 335 PCD)
    Rim size: 22.5 x 8.25- offset 165mm
    Tyre size: Front: 295/80R22.5 152/148
    Rear: 11R22.5-148/145
    Number of tyres: 11 (including spare)
    Tools included: Wheelbrace and jack
    Spare tyre carrier: Equipped
  • Type: Square aluminium
    Volume: 390L
    Fuel pre-filter & sedimenter: Equipped
    Locking fuel cap: Equipped
    AdBlue® tank capacity: 28L
  • Type: Ladder-shaped channel section side rails
    Chassis width (at rear): 840mm
    Main section in mm (depth x flange x thickness): 300 x 90 x 8.0mm
    Main section tensile strength: 620 N/mm2 (63 kgf/mm2)
    Inner section in mm (depth x flange x thickness): Not fitted
    Tensile strength: 540 N/mm2 (55 kgf/mm2)
    Tow hook (front): Supplied
    Front underrun protection: Equipped
  • Type: 24 volts, negative earth
    Batteries: 12V x 2 series connection
    Capacity: 150Ah at 20 hour rate
    Alternator: Brushless type 24V, 90A with built-in rectifier & voltage regulator
    Starter: 24V, 6.0kW
    Lamps: Headlamps, fog lamps, cornering lamps, room lamp (fluorescent lamp), map lamp
  • Cab Details:
    Type: Forward control, all steel welded
    construction, full-floating air-suspension cab with electrical tilting mechanism
    Grill colour: Chrome (FS 2848) Grey (FS 2844)
    Driver SRS Airbag: Equipped
    Front Underrun Protection: Equipped
    Seating capacity: 3
    Driver’s seat: ISRI 6860/870 Urethane foam pads, high-back,
    lumbar support, Multi adjustable, air suspended, with integrated Safety Belt
    Passenger seat: Urethane foam pads, high back & reclining seat with fabric cover
    Centre console: Equipped
    Seat belts: 3-point type on driver’s & side passenger seats
    2-point type for centre seat
    Rear view mirrors: 2 external electrically controlled, flat type mirrors with heaters and spotters and kerb view
    Windshield wipers: Electric, triple-arm, with intermittent & 2 speed control
    Sun visor & overhead console: Equipped
    Centre overhead console: Equipped
    Cigarette lighter (24 volt): Equipped
    Electrical converter: 12V (harness type)
    Ventilator: Forced type with electric blower
    Heater & defroster: Equipped
    Air conditioner: Equipped
    Sleeper berth: Single, with blackout curtains (ADR Compliant)
    Audio: DAB+ AM/FM radio/CD & DVD player with Bluetooth
    Speakers: Driver, passenger & centre
    Floor mat: Vinyl mat
    Front air spoiler: Equipped
    Cab step: Equipped
    Trim: Full trim type / side roof back
    Electric power windows: Both sides
    Electric door lock: Remote control keyless entry
    Cab pockets: Both door sides & passenger seat
    Cruise Control: Equipped
    Genuine Accesory Options:
    Bull bar
    Chrome wheel covers
    Sat Nav
    Rear vision camera (up to 3)
    Woodgrain dash panel
    Transmission PTO (ProShift 16 only)
    1. Meters and gauges
    Speedometer with trip meter
    Fuel gauge
    Coolant temperature gauge
    Air pressure gauge x 2
    2. Switches
    Indicators, dimmer & passing
    Wiper & washer
    Hazard lamp
    Fog lamp
    Room lamp
    Warning lamp check
    Map lamp
    Inter axle lock
    Rear differential cross lock
    Mirror heating
    Economy running
    Engine brake
    Cruise Control
    3. Warning, pilot lamps and buzzers
    Engine oil pressure warning lamp & buzzer
    Air pressure warning lamp & buzzer
    High beam indicator lamp
    Turn signal indicator lamp
    Parking brake indicator lamp
    Coolant level warning lamp & buzzer
    Differential lock indicator lamp
    Engine over-run warning buzzer
    Battery charging indicator lamp
    Fuel filter water level warning lamp
    Transmission range (Eaton only)
    ABS warning lamp
    Trailer brake indicator lamp
    4. Others
    One key starting-stopping
    Horn button
    Idle up control knob
    Gear display (ProShift 16 only)
    Standard warranty
    (whichever comes first)
    3 years or 500,000km
    Engine component warranty
    (whichever comes first)
    60 months or 750,000km
    Cab corrosion perforation
    36 months
    Battery warranty – 12 months from date of delivery * For conditions, refer to the Hino Parts & Service warranty brochure
    Genuine parts or accessories warranty – 3 years unlimited kilometres when fitted by an authorised Hino dealer *
    * Subject to conditions:
    Refer to your authorised Hino Dealer for:
    Detailed information.
    Full Warranty details and limitations.
    The latest details on specifications, options, prices and availability

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